Variant  Class    Date  
9x3 Medium 19-Dec-20
6x5 Hard 26-Dec-20
11x2 Easy 02-Jan-21
7x5 Medium 09-Jan-21
10x1 Hard 16-Jan-21
7x3 Very Hard 23-Jan-21
13x0 Medium 30-Jan-21
8x3 Hard 06-Feb-21
10x3 Easy 13-Feb-21
11x1 Medium 20-Feb-21
7x4 Hard 27-Feb-21
5x6 Very Hard 06-Mar-21
10x2 Medium 13-Mar-21
11x0 Hard 20-Mar-21
9x4 Easy 27-Mar-21
12x0 Medium 03-Apr-21
9x2 Hard 10-Apr-21
6x4 Very Hard 17-Apr-21
9x3 Medium 24-Apr-21
6x5 Hard 01-May-21
12x1 Easy 08-May-21
7x5 Medium 15-May-21
10x1 Hard 22-May-21
10x0 Very Hard 29-May-21
13x0 Medium 05-Jun-21
8x3 Hard 12-Jun-21
8x5 Easy 19-Jun-21
11x1 Medium 26-Jun-21
7x4 Hard 03-Jul-21
8x2 Very Hard 10-Jul-21
10x2 Medium 17-Jul-21
11x0 Hard 24-Jul-21
7x7 Easy 31-Jul-21
12x0 Medium 07-Aug-21
9x2 Hard 14-Aug-21
9x1 Very Hard 21-Aug-21


Every week we compete on's 'Daily High' statistic: what's the highest streak you can get on a particular variant on Freecell Saturday. There's a different variant every week, I bet your favorite is coming right up!

Check out the leaderboard to see how the past competitions have gone. courtesy of Dennis Cronin