SSC Daily Viewer Info

The SSC* Daily viewer lists columns of the Freecell Streak database of interest to SSC competitors. It also lists info as it was at the beginning of the Freecell Day, and certain calculations (differences) so folks can see what's happening today only. The SOD database comes from a snapshot taken at midnight Freecell time the day of the SSC.

(Suggestions for additional info you would like to see are certainly welcome!)

To cut down on bandwidth usage, a player may not be in the Start of Day database when they play their first SSC game. This will cause SOD fields, and calculated fields based on them, to read "wait" (and link to here). Don't worry, the SOD database will get updated (currently every 15 minutes) so that data will show up soon. Of course if that player is a first time player of today's variant, the SOD data itself will be zeros! If you never played before today, your SOD idle time will be blank.

*(Note: The viewer may also run for the WWC. So read SSC/WWC for SSC above.)

Technical note: Long-lasting 'wait's are an indication that the daily viewer updater has crashed. I hate it when 15 minutes turns out to equal forever. Anyway, accept my apologies in advance. Hopefully I'm available to notice it and fix it soon!